Two New Adventures Showcase Orchard Village Artists

This fall, Orchard Village launched an online artists’ shop and began a program with Evanston Arts Center. Both programs showcase the exceptional talents of our participants. The new website, located at, offers a variety of products, including clothing, tote bags, notebooks, and framed prints, each adorned with original artwork crafted by Orchard Village’s residents and day program participants.

In collaboration with the Evanston Art Center, Orchard Village provides enriching art classes as part of its day programs, fostering an environment where individuals with developmental disabilities can express themselves, explore their creativity, and develop artistic skills. The new online store serves as a platform to bring the artwork of these individuals to a wider audience.

“All profits from the store will directly benefit the artists and the Orchard Village Art Program Fund,” said Susan Kaufman, President and CEO at Orchard Village. “This initiative not only empowers our participants by recognizing their talents but also highlights the program that has become a vital outlet for their creativity and personal growth.”

Visit the new Orchard Village online store at