Vocational Services


Meaningful and rewarding employment is important to all of us. Orchard Village partners with the local businesses to place our clients in real, ongoing competitive jobs. Businesses are provided with capable and hard-working employees while clients feel a sense of accomplishment, belonging and acceptance by their community. It’s a partnership that works!

Since 1977, Orchard Village has provided job placement and vocational supports to people with intellectual, developmental and other disabilities. Vocational staff listens to the needs, desires and aspirations of clients before executing a step-by-step career plan for each. Orchard Village’s support extends from pre-vocational coaching and job search to job placement and ongoing, on-the-job coaching. In all cases, our clients are involved in the choices made.

Our Vocational Program offers a comprehensive array of services:

  • Pre-vocational classes, job club and job retention seminars
  • Job search techniques, resumes, and cover letters
  • Interviewing skill development and preparation
  • Assistance in finding employment in the community
  • Job retention through training and job coaching
  • Follow-up services with employers
  • Technical assistance in job accommodations
  • Assistance in defining individual career goals
  • Community resource coordination
  • Self-advocacy in the workplace