Matching Gifts

Let Your Company Double or Triple Your Impact!

Did you know many companies offer a matching gift program to encourage philanthropy among their employees? And that some companies will even match gifts from employees’ spouses and retirees? Also, your company may offer a volunteer grant program if you volunteer with us!

By simply completing a matching gift form (online or paper), you may be able to double, or even triple, the impact of your gift! Contributions of any amount help us empower athletes to shatter stereotypes and exceed their personal bests on the playing field and in life.

Use the search field below to see if your employer participates in a matching gift program.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a matching gift?

Employee matching gift programs are corporate giving programs.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you work for Walgreens and donate $100 to Orchard Village. Walgreens’ matching gift policy has a minimum gift requirement of $25 and matches at a 1:1 ratio. After you submit your matching gift form, Walgreens will double your donation by writing a check for $100. Gifts from employees’ spouses and retirees may also qualify for a match.

It’s a quick and easy way to double your contribution! Use the search tool above to see if your company will match your gift and find everything you need to apply.

How do I request a matching gift?

Requesting a matching gift is normally a five-minute process that the donor must initiate. You can do this by filling out and submitting a paper form provided by your employer or through an electronic submission process.

There are typically 3 steps:

  1. Donate
    Make your personal donation and save your tax receipt. Many matching programs will allow for up to one year after you’ve made your donation to request a corporate match.
  2. Search
    Using the search tool above, find out if your company offers a matching gift program and review the guidelines. No results? Contact your HR department directly to ask if they offer a matching gift program.
  3. Match
    There are two common ways to submit the matching gift request:
    1. Click on your company’s intranet link provided in the search results. Log in and submit your request electronically.
    2. Download your company’s matching gift verification form using the link provided in the search results. Print it, fill it out and send it to us.

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