Orchard Village partners with families and communities to optimize personal outcomes for individuals with developmental disabilities with a community integrated approach.


Residential Services

Help people realize their dream to live in a home in their community.

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Employment Services

Facilitate an individual’s desire for employment in their community.
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Home Based Support Services

Support individuals living at home with their families or independently in their community.
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Orchard Academy

Teach vocational, social and living skills necessary for 17 thru 21 year-olds to transition successfully into independent adult life.
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Our approach

Orchard Village, founded in Skokie, Illinois in 1972, is a fully licensed nonprofit organization that annually provides support to nearly 300 individuals (all ages) with developmental disabilities in north and northwest Chicagoland. Our residential, vocational, home-based and transitional services are person-centered, addressing the needs and personal goals of those in our care. Our objective is to empower clients to live a fulfilling life in which each individual controls his or her own destiny.


Charitable Giving in 2021

Much of what was new in charitable giving in 2020 through the CARES Act continues in the new year through the Congressional spending package passed last December. Plus, the spending package also has some unique benefits for donors. ...

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Welcome Theresa

Welcome Theresa Kopitzke! Theresa Kopitzke recently rejoined Orchard Village as the new Senior Director of Vocational and Community Day Services. Theresa, who holds a master's degree in rehabilitation counseling and is a certified ...

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Orchard Village Mask Donors

To remain safe and to protect others, individuals at Orchard Village wear face masks. It is especially important we have enough new masks to regularly replace old or lost ones. Safety is our highest priority and we continue to ensure ...

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