Orchard Village Joins Adopt-a-Street Program in Skokie: Keeping Our Community Clean

Orchard Village is excited to announce our partnership with the Adopt-a-Street Program in Skokie! As an organization committed to fostering community engagement and making a positive impact, this program is a perfect opportunity to contribute to the cleanliness and beauty of our neighborhood.

Skokie Community Day Service participants have taken on the responsibility of adopting Gross Point Road from New Gross Point to Howard Street, as well as Austin Avenue. Twice a year, our OV participants will roll up their sleeves and participate in clean-up efforts along these adopted streets.

Participating in this program also comes with a tangible reward. After completing our first clean-up, Orchard Village and Skokie Community Day Service participants received two signs bearing our name. These signs were proudly placed at the start and end of our adopted street sections, serving as a visible reminder of our commitment to keeping Skokie clean and beautiful.