Meet Denise!

Denise P., a newer client at Orchard Village, has been working at Jewel-Osco for over four months now with the help of our vocational team. She is employed as a service clerk at Jewel, helping to put carts away and bag groceries for customers. Her most recent job success is being able to clock in and out completely on her own. Denise works either five or six-hour shifts, and when picked up after work, she always says, “man, I am TIRED!” – something we can all relate to! Her manager and coworkers enjoy her humor and work ethic, and her friends describe her as patient, amusing, and cheerful.

Denise’s biggest goal when coming to Orchard Village was to achieve independence and not have to rely on anyone. She’s always thinking ahead to her next goal. Orchard Village is happy to welcome Denise, and we’re so proud of all of the steps she’s already taken towards achieving her independence!