Healthy Goals

Like many people, Orchard Village clients are looking to make healthier eating habits in the new year. Each person living in one of Orchard Village’s nine 24-hour CILA residences enrolled in a new healthy eating program — My25. This healthy-eating program provides dietary support through a streamlined and simple meal and grocery shopping system tailored to individuals’ nutritional needs.

During the earlier shelter-in-place phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, many residential clients could not go to work or visit their families. As a result of this isolation, inactivity, and boredom, some clients gained a few pounds, like many of us. Some clients also have diabetes, and there is a crucial need for dietary education to control their symptoms. Particularly during this past year of uncertainty, there was a lack of consistency and accessibility in tracking the nutrition and eating habits of the people we serve.

My25 helps clients learn how to plan and prepare healthy, nutritious meals, track their progress, and maintain better eating habits. Through this program, we hope to reverse some of those new unhealthy habits that may have developed during the pandemic and let clients gain back control of their nutrition for a healthier future.

Our goal is for 50% of clients to be within a healthy Body Mass Index range for their age and gender. This project also ties into Orchard Village’s Farm and home gardens, as clients and staff alike learn how to cook and prepare healthier and more nutritious meals from fresh produce picked right here on Orchard Village’s campus and at the client’s homes. This program provides a much-needed opportunity for all to regain good dietary habits and improve their health for years to come.