Celebrating our Team: Jennifer Burgess

During our 50th Anniversary year, we are honoring some of the outstanding people who made Orchard Village what it is today.

Director of Residential Services, Jennifer Burgess has been a big part of our success over the years. She has been with Orchard Village for half of its existence — 25 years this month. Jenn says when she interviewed in 1997, she was “blown out of [her] mind how client-focused [Orchard Village] was. Orchard Village’s philosophy was client-focused. Clients chose their identity, personal goals, where and with whom they lived or where they worked.”

Clients and staff made cards and decorated Jenn’s office

Orchard Village recognized Jennifer’s milestone with a thank-you video, a banner, and a decorated office, complete with a balloon arch. Staff and clients alike appreciate Jennifer and her commitment to Orchard Village. She says, “What I love the most about my job is the clients. They have a strong support team, and Orchard Village is always looking for ways to grow and make us different from other agencies.”

Jennifer says her greatest success is “having the opportunity to support the men and women I work with for 25 years.  Seeing them grow and develop in various areas.  Such as living on their own, having jobs, and being active members in their community.” She plans to continue to support the clients of Orchard Village as best she can and help continue to move the agency forward.

Happy Anniversary, Jennifer! Thank you for all you do for the people we serve.