Success Story: Jacob

Jacob in the employee break room at Mariano’s

Jacob is a true employment success story. Jacob joined the Orchard Village family when he moved into the Newcastle group home. At the time, he was not interested in community-based employment. Instead, he started attending a sheltered workshop where he made approximately $18/week doing piece work. Jacob was continually offered the opportunity to be supported in a community-based job. Through many conversations Jacob realized he had the skills and desire for a job. Jacob had never participated in an internship or had a job before so it was difficult for him to imagine what working would look like. One of his roommates worked at a local grocery story so Jacob suggested they target Mariano’s, which was within a short bus ride from his home.

Jacob’s Vocational Specialist helped him develop a resume, work on interviewing skills and ultimately helped him secure an interview at Mariano’s. Jacob was offered his first job as a Front End Assistant. Over the months since Jacob has been working Mariano’s has been increasing his duties. He restocks shelves, unloads shipments and supports the cashiers. Jacob had the opportunity to share his success with the Orchard Village Board of Directors during a regular meeting. He shared with them the excitement of going from making $18/week to over $180! But while the money was an incentive, the sense of accomplishment was even greater. He explained that when he was in a sheltered workshop each day was the same. He saw the same people and did the same work. Now, at Mariano’s Jacob said, he had the opportunity to do something new each day at work, and even help people. Jacob shared that he finally sees a future where he could possibly live in his own apartment, “Having this job opens up a whole new world for me and has given me confidence in myself.”