Welcome Theresa

Welcome Theresa Kopitzke!

Theresa Kopitzke recently rejoined Orchard Village as the new Senior Director of Vocational and Community Day Services.

Theresa, who holds a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling and is a certified rehabilitation counselor and licensed professional counselor, served as Orchard Village’s Director of Vocational Services from 2014 – 2017. In 2017, she stepped away from Orchard Village to pursue her private practice. She is very excited to be back at Orchard Village now in her new role.

The relationships built with clients ultimately brought Theresa back to Orchard Village; “because I also live in Skokie. I was able to run into many of our clients in the community during the 3 years of my absence. It seemed like whenever I was having a bad week, I’d run into one of our clients and get an update on their lives and how they were growing and meeting their goals. The joy I felt with these mini celebrations would stay with me for days.”

Theresa’s biggest goal for Orchard Village is developing modern, forward-thinking, person-centered programming to empower clients to meet their goals. She is excited about potentially expanding day services by offering engaging and therapeutic options to those most impacted by their disabilities. She hopes to enhance our current Vocational Services Department to include community-based training and growth opportunities for those seeking community employment.

In coming back to Orchard Village, Theresa says, “I feel like it has been such a gift to return to these groups of clients who I care so deeply about. I truly cannot believe how lucky I am to be back and help our clients thrive.”