Orchard Village Hosts Spooktacular Halloween Party

Orchard Village, hosted a Halloween party on October 23 at the Orchard Village Activity Center. It was a night of fun, laughter, and tasty treats. Attendees, including program participants, staff members, families, and community supporters, came dressed in an array of creative costumes, such as Dracula, Wonder Woman, Bob Ross, and more!

With fun activities and crafts for all, the event was filled with laughter and entertainment. From tasty treats to a lively dance floor and a photo booth, there was no shortage of enjoyment for everyone. The highlight of the night was the costume contest, where participants showcased their creative talents and were celebrated for their expressions of Halloween spirit.

Orchard Village provides person-centered services that promote independence, community integration, and meaningful relationships. By hosting events like the Halloween party, we create opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to engage with their community and foster social connections.