Our Bike Gang

Imagine never having experienced the joy of riding a bike. You’d never have felt the power and freedom of zipping along under the strength of your legs. Never felt the wind rushing past you and seeing the landscape flying by…

Some of the participants in our adult day programs recently rode a bike for the first time, thanks to grants from the Evanston Bicycle Club and the Oliver-Hoffmann Foundation.

With funding from the Evanston Bicycle Club we purchased a new recumbent bike, and with a grant from the Oliver-Hoffmann Foundation we bought three adaptive bikes. The recumbent bike sits lower to the ground. For one of the bikers who had double knee replacement surgery and can’t bend her legs all the way, it is the perfect solution! The recumbent and three-wheeled bikes give greater stability for participants who have difficulty balancing on a two-wheeled bike.

Orchard Village started a Bike Club, allowing bikers to take their wheels out for a spin. In addition to one-on-one and group biking sessions,  Orchard Village currently has a “bike gang” of four women who go for rides in the park weekly!


Thank you to the Evanston Bicycle Club and the Oliver-Hoffmann Foundation for making our Bike Club possible!