Thank You DSPs: Meet Deidre

Deidre has worked at Orchard Village as a direct support professional for the last 12 years, and previously from 1999 – 2002. She currently works at the Bel-Air residence, where she assists clients in their daily living and maintaining independence. Her favorite part of the job is being a caregiver, although Deidre would call being a DSP more than a job.

“I wish people knew what a blessing it is [to be a DSP]. It’s not an easy job; you have to have the heart for it… the compassion to be a family.”

And like a family, they are. Deidre, who residents affectionately call DeeDee, was quarantined at Bel-Air when COVID-19 hit, playing games while sheltering in place. “The clients make me feel appreciated. I tell my kids, they make me feel more appreciated than you do! I get a lot of ‘I love you.’