Learn About Planned Giving

Do you know who is listed as the beneficiary of your retirement accounts? It’s a good idea to regularly review the beneficiaries of your retirement plans, life insurance policies, trusts, and even bank accounts. The individuals or organizations listed as your beneficiary on your accounts will be the recipient of the balance of these accounts when you die, despite what your will might say. For example, if a will lists a current spouse as the recipient of a retirement plan but the beneficiary form on file lists a previous spouse, the former spouse will be the sole beneficiary of the balance of the retirement plan.

Did you know you can leave some or all of your retirement assets to charitable organizations? Be sure to list the proper name(s) and tax identification number(s) in your will. For example, Orchard Village’s official name is Orchard Village, and our tax ID number is 36-2773481. Inform the named charitable organizations that you list so that they can ensure your legacy happens in the way you desire.