Orchard Village appreciates the gift of time and talent that so many individuals and companies provide each year. There are a variety of ways to volunteer with Orchard Village:

Board/Advisory Committees:

Meetings occur quarterly for about an hour and a half. Committees provide guidance and counsel in specific operational areas of the organization. Opportunities include: Board Development Committee, Board Program Committee, Board Finance Committee, Board Real Estate Committee.

Orchard Village Auxiliary:

The Auxiliary is a highly committed group of individuals who support Orchard Village in a number of important ways. The group’s focus is on client-centered activities and events such as holiday parties and other initiatives.

Associate Board:

A committee of young professionals who have demonstrated leadership qualities. In addition to enjoying socializing opportunities, the group shares a threefold focus of activities in support of Orchard Village:

  1. Provide support and counsel on ways to enhance execution of Orchard Village’s special fundraising events;
  2. Expand Orchard Village’s networking capacity among their peer groups via social media, gatherings and other forums – in short, improve the organization’s capacity to recruit and engage more volunteers and participants/attendees;
  3. Enhance their own knowledge of fundraising and philanthropy as they get to know more aspects of the nonprofit sector and Orchard Village.

Fundraising Events:

Meetings occur approximately once a month at Orchard Village for an hour and a half. Committees are responsible for the solicitation, planning and execution of fundraising events and initiatives. Opportunities include: Blossom Gala, Golf Classic, Cocktails for a Cause, K of C Tag Days and more.

Direct Service:

Direct Service is a more personalized volunteer experience. Opportunities include: working the day of a Special Event, performing office work, assisting in and around a customer home, gardening, or participating in a project for a residence or program. There are many rewarding possibilities in this area!

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Partnering with companies that we do business with solidifies a strong relationship to accomplish not only the needs of Orchard Village, but also the needs of the corporate partner. A partnership with us will allow you to leverage your public credibility while enhancing your marketability. To optimize benefits to our corporate partners, consistent and multi-year commitments are encouraged in order to “own” the event.

To discuss opportunities contact Erika Vavrik at 847-967-1800 ext. 133 or erika_vavrik@orchardvillage.org