Orchard Village partners with families and communities to optimize personal outcomes for individuals with developmental disabilities through a community-integrated approach.

We Value

Quality of Life
Each individual is provided the basic assurances of life. In addition, Orchard Village supports every opportunity for the individuals in its care to achieve what is important to them.

Dignity and Respect
Everyone has the right to make choices about things affecting their life. We provide encouragement and guidance so each person can safely take responsibility for individual choices made.

Making a Positive Impact
Services and supports we provide make a positive difference. We promote mutually beneficial partnerships between Orchard Village, the individuals we support, families and communities.

Integrity and Responsibility
Our words and actions are always genuine and honest. We hold ourselves, and those we deal with, to the highest moral and ethical standards. We pledge that all resources will be valued and used in a responsible manner.

For more information on how we support community health, please see our Principles for Community Healthcare Report:

2022 Orchard Village Principles for Community Healthcare