Meet Wendy!

Wendy started at InnOVations during the pandemic because she was unhappy with her previous day program’s offerings. At InnOVations, Wendy immediately took to our Abilities in Motion activities like Movement Club, Adaptive Yoga, and Reading Club. It wasn’t until spring that Wendy discovered the program she enjoys the most: gardening. Every time Wendy works in the garden, she states how she enjoys being outside and working hard. She frequently says, “I love to garden!” And the paycheck she receives for her work is just a bonus.

Working in the garden increased Wendy’s sense of self-worth, improved her mobility, increased her enjoyment of life, and decreased her weight.

Your gift can benefit clients like Wendy, who gain so much from our Farm and gardening programs. Your contribution can help buy tools and supplies so that Wendy can continue to love working in the garden.