Client Vacations

Lake Geneva 2017

We all need to get away from our routines from time to time, to see and experience new things, and to relax and recharge. For many years, through semi-annual vacations, Orchard Village has given intermittent CILA (community integrated living arrangement) clients those opportunities.

One year thirteen clients and four staff members spent four days and three nights right on the lake, at the Harbor Shores, in Lake Geneva. Activities included swimming in the hotel pool, souvenir shopping, and many walks, although everyone agreed that the boat ride—complete with an ice cream social and full tour of Lake Geneva—was the highlight.

Previous vacations have included a Caribbean cruise and trips to the Bahamas, Las Vegas, Florida, Jamaica, Disney World, and Los Angeles/Hollywood.

Vacations are planned by Orchard Village staff with the assistance of a travel agent. Nancy Palella, an Orchard Village staff member who has traveled with clients several times, remembers that the Los Angeles/Hollywood trip was absolutely packed with activities, including numerous tours and boat rides, and while clients enjoyed the experiences, they also asked for more time to relax. That feedback was taken to heart, and the goal since then has been to create memorable yet relaxing adventures for clients. Both the Florida and Lake Geneva trips were client favorites in part because they included significant downtime and opportunities for clients to make choices about activities or to spend some time on their own.