Orchard Village Athletes Shine at Special Olympics Spring Games

The spring sun shined as Orchard Village athletes showcased their strength and determination at the Special Olympics Spring Games. OV participants took on a variety of sports, including the softball throw, 100m walk, 100m run, 50m run, tennis ball throw, and shotput.

Under the guidance of Therapeutic Recreation & Education Manager, Carly Bell, these athletes dedicated themselves to training for two months leading up to the games. Their hard work and perseverance paid off as they stepped onto the field ready to give their all.

Despite the unusual spring heat presenting a challenge, the Orchard Village team maintained their positivity and support for one another throughout the day. Their friendship and uplifting attitudes truly embodied the spirit of sportsmanship.

The outstanding efforts of Denise P., Laura H., Alex K., Lucas H., Jared C., Emily S., Tuwuan M., and Matt U. did not go unnoticed. Six of our athletes – Denise, Laura, Alex, Lucas, Jared, and Emily – proudly secured gold medals and competed in the State tournament from June 7th-9th in Bloomington, IL. Every participant, whether receiving silver or gold, demonstrated exceptional skill and determination, making Orchard Village incredibly proud.