Orchard Village Observes Total Solar Eclipse of 2024!

On April 8, 2024, Orchard Village participants and staff witnessed the rare occurrence of a total solar eclipse!

It was a gorgeous afternoon as OV participants and staff gathered on the OV grounds to watch the eclipse move through the Chicago area. While grooving to music and enjoying each other’s company, the group passed around solar eclipse glasses and patiently watched as the moon slowly made its way between the sun and the earth.

Then, the glorious moment the group had been waiting for: totality! The moon completely blocked the sun for approximately four minutes and 28 seconds. As darkness took over, the temperature cooled, and the birds disappeared, just like at night. OV participants won’t forget the eerie atmosphere!

The event was a wonder to witness, and OV can’t wait for the next total solar eclipse on Aug. 23, 2044. Don’t forget your glasses!