New Vocational Program Launched

On July 5th, Orchard Village launched InnOVations, a vocationally focused program with a goal of community workforce integration for clients, i.e. “real” jobs. With 14 people currently enrolled, the program—an alternative to daily workshops—is focused on work experiences, job training, vocational skill building, and therapeutic recreation.  Most activities occur out in the community, with some training and recreational opportunities on campus.

Through both formal and informal training programs, clients obtain marketable vocational skills that match their goals, interests, and aptitudes, while increasing their employability for competitive jobs in the labor market. They have the opportunity to sample different work experiences and environments and are provided with varied opportunities to participate in work-site activities at over 10 different community based work sites and work 1:1 with a Employment Specialist. They also participate in a social skills curriculum focused on increasing opportunities for rich and meaningful relationships with peers in vocational and other community settings.